Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval [2020]

Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best WordPress theme for Adsense approval. In 2020, especially post-pandemic world order has been moved to the Digital World. This will be very competitive for every blogger.

But Remmeber Content is the King

Without content No Search Engine will Survive

Perceptions and Future Scope:

For this, One Question comes in your mind that, how to compete in Blogging world, Which Platform to choose for SEO friendly blogging, What are the Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval, Which type of content should I create for new Digital community, what they are looking for, what are their Queries and why they are searching for it??

This should be your primary concern before starting a Blogging and even Video-based Vlogging business.

Yes. You heard the right word. Blogging is Business.

Read this, I wrote about Best Buisness Ideas for Moms, without Investment. This would give some little insight about Blogging and Content Creation.

After deciding which Niche or topic you want to create a blog, you need Best Web Hosting Provider, Best Theme & Plugins and Free SSL with CDN service for your Blogging site.

Below are some resources I personally using since 2 years, and Still I never get any issues, drop of traffic and even when needed they provided me best and quality service recommendation.

In my case, I was started with Blogger. I created creative content for users searches for. But after some research I moved my blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress. Want to Know Why?

Best Web Hosting Provider:



Best Performance, Scalable and Secured Web Hosting

Read this – Host your own website for Free on Google Cloud

Good performance is a crucial factor for the Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval. Google pings or checks website before approving your Adsense account. Google wants at least 100 visitors per day to earn a decent income from Adsense. So be aware this before starting blogging.

WordPress is SEO Friendly:

WordPress is built in PHP. Some php functions and great combination of coding made wordpress very popular among blogger community.

Many bloggers would consider this for High Earning and Fast money strategy for their online content creation. Ther are other platforms also available for blogging but WordPress gives you more functionality for your content creation need with almost free of cost. You just need to buy Quality and High-Performance Web Hosting and Themes.

Also, in WordPress, there are 2 main High Quality and Impressive plugins available to boost your SEO ranking in Google and Bing Search Engine, especially.

1. Rank Math 2. Yoast SEO

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress:

I’m using Rank Math SEO plugin since last year. This plugin boosted my ranking keywords for exact Targeting keywords in my articles and Products.


Best WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Schema (Structured Data)
  • SEO Analysis
  • Search Console
  • Redirections
  • 404 Monitor
  • AMP & ACF Ready
  • Image SEO
  • Instant Indexing
  • Link Counter
  • Local SEO & Knowledge Graph
  • WooCommerce Products Snippet Generation

  • Right now almost all SEO settings are free but after a few years, they may Charge you.
  • Makes conflict with other plugins.


Free Hosting Provider and High-Quality Landing Pages – Mobile First

High Quality Landing Pages
High Quality Landing Pages
Try This
Best Landing Pages For your Blogs

Lightweight and Clean coded Landing Pages is very crucial for Blogging Journey.

9.5Expert Score
Why Chose this Landing Pages Provider

Most of the Pages are designed for SEO purpose. Attractive and Fast Loading pages ranks top in Googles and Bing Search Engine

SEO Friendly
User Reviews
  • Best for SEO
  • Maintains High Ranking in Search Engines
  • Pro Blogger use these types of Landing Pages
  • Cheap Price and Great Support.
  • 30-day money-back Guarantee
  • Limited Offer.
  • Competitiveness.
  • A complex requirement for Pages may increase in Pricing.

Which WordPress theme is best for AdSense?

There are lots of Free Themes available for Free of Cost like,

  1. OceanWP
  2. Astra
  3. Neve
  4. GeneratePress
  5. Hestia

Above are very best SEO friendly and Responsive, Mobile First Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval for your Blogging journey.

In my case, Right now I am using Premium WordPress Theme, which is Affiliate marketing and SEO friendly? This money-making theme made the site very attractive and user friendly. My theme has inbuilt Different Layouts and Additional Premium Plugins which has benefited me a lot for Affiliate Marketing.

Rehub WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Theme for Adsense and Rich Snippets SEO firendly

What is the fastest WordPress theme?

Fast loading and Minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript gives high performance for readers. Also, it gives top rankings in Googles perception. Their bots and Link Juice will boom your Online content creation.

Most Bloggers, always in search of high-performance Web Servers and WordPress themes. But in some cases, they get stuck in purchasing inaccurate themes for their blogs.

  1. Generetpress
  2. Astra
  3. Neve
  4. Oceanwp
  5. Writee

Which is the best WordPress Affiliate Plugin?

If you want to do Affiliate marketing and Blogging for Adsense and other Ad Network, then Above mentioned Rehub is the Best WordPress theme for your all need.

Even after some time, You may start Woocommerce Products listing, with e-Commerce Cart Functionality. This theme has inbuilt Affiliate and Auto blogging plugin which boosts your affiliate earnings.

Content Egg Plugin

Best WordPress Theme for Adsense and Rich Snippets SEO firendly

Above mentioned Theme and Plugin is the Best for Adsense approval and Affiliate Marketing. Nowadays most of the bloggers are moved towards Affiliate marketing rather than dependent on Adsense or other Ad networks alone.

Quality SSL Certificate Provider:

Quality SSL Certificate Provider

We give you the peace of mind that you need about installation and the speed of doing it for you and having it active quickly. AND our certificates are ACCEPTED ON MOBILE.

What kind of website should I make for AdSense?

This article, I’m writing in Post-lockdown time of Coronavirus. Social Distancing and Hyegine free economic activities diverted all business owners to the Digital platforms. This is the best suitable environment for doing Online Business.

Read this you may like about Starting an Online Business.

So, you should think of that way to start blogging or any type of website. Because Blogging is the best source for Online Promotion and Influencer Marketing. Within a month you will get 100’s of visitors and it will be all Free & Organic Traffic. This Traffic may convert to your loyal customer if you guide and convenience in the right way.

In my opinion, Below are some topics and Niche, which you should start from 2020-21. This will be Hard for your blogging journey. But gives you life-long Benefits, Financial Freedom and Passive income.

But Remember One Thing,

Solve Peoples Problem, Guide them ethically, don’t misuse peoples emotions and greedy Money minded Blogging. Honesty is the Best Policy for Any Business


Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval is just one thing. Above given recommendations will benefit all for Your Adsense Account Approval. Most of the bloggers always looking for the Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval but they don’t think for Good Web Hosting, SSL certificate, Good and unique 900+ words articles and fast loading landing pages.

These all combined criteria will boost your Adsense Income. Above, I have mentioned the Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval which is SEO friendly and Google’s Rich Snippets optimized.

Similarly, I also recommended One SEO plugin which helps for Adsense approval. The given plugin and WordPress theme combined make your website very attractive and will top in Google’s first page.

Thats why I recommended this Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval. Side by side also mentioned one Pluging which helps you to earn Affiliate earnings

Finally this is a High Quality and Money Theme which you can say this as the Best WordPress theme for Adsense Approval.

Thanks for reading.

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